September 29, 2011

the last day

of the giveaway! 
it ends midnight tonight.

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have a great day.
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September 28, 2011

dye dress dye- resurrection of the dye

after twelves days without internet, it feels good to be back! apparently we had a bad filter...and now we have a new one! alright!

remember this dress? the one i soaked in a tub of bleach because sometimes i am dimwitted?  

well , i finally got around to dying it. since the thread was still the dark pink/salmon color, i decided to dye in petal pink by rit (that makes it sounds more official)

and i am so excited! it is all one color again! it has been so long.....

one odd side effect of bleaching, then dying, then dying again is that this dress is now about 4 inches longer. hahaha the bouncy jersey is less bouncy! i guess i will allow it since i put this dress through so much...i also sewed the neckline up a bit so i didn't feel like i was flashing everyone

oh, and see that belt? the one that looks too big for me? it is my husband's belt. everyone's always wearing their husband's clothes, so i figured hey...i like that belt. i am taking it momentarily. 
and actually...

it looks pretty darn good.

do any of you take borrow clothes from a significant other or loved one? because i think i am about to start....

September 27, 2011

don't forget!

the giveaway ends this thursday!

and i know you all want this fact i think i might just enter my own giveaway...just kidding :)

as most/none of you know, i started school last week. and i am at a bike school, where almost every single student rides a bike which doesn't necessarily mean they know how to ride a bike. they just have one.


i am still working out my bike path routes in a major effort to stay away from the busiest bike paths at the busiest times. i sometimes bike way longer just so i don't have to go to a certain part of the bike path that is a death hill. 

now why do i go to all of this extra effort (especially since i am wearing pants and it is really hot)? 

i am accident prone on my bike.

people say that a lot, like "oh ya, i run into stuff" or "sometimes i bump into people" but i full on crash and burn, lose items of clothing, and bleed. i am still trying to understand why.

my most recent accident entailed me getting smeared across a bike path because some dude was just like sitting on his bike in the middle of the bike path. he looked at me, started moving a little, and then pulled out his cell phone.

while still in the bike path. 

so i hit his back tire (because he didn't move! he had ample time!) and 
i flew
like a bird
except this bird lost a shoe and all of the papers and notebooks in her basket

i quickly got up because more bikes were coming my way and realized my shoe was gone. it was in a bush across the bike path. i grabbed it and my papers at which the point the kid looked at me and said, "oh i'm so sorry, i didn't realize you were so close." because apparently i looked far enough away to make a phone call.

saving some serious face, i was like oh no big deal, and with my hands bleeding and both fenders completely bent and my basket hanging on by one screw, i biked away without any dignity whatsoever.

so. embarrassing.

and that is why i  will bike longer and farther to prevent that from happening again because it hurt man.

just thought i would share that with you :) now, go have an accident-free day!

September 26, 2011

...professional chef much?

okay you guys, i did it.

i ventured into the culinary world. it definitely tastes better than sewing, but there are many more risks involved. like burning your entire hand.

but guess what? 

it wasn't that bad.

i made a delicious little strawberry pie. it was seriously really simple. and this is coming from someone who can only make pre-packaged everything.

oh, and this pie makes about 6-8 pieces depending on how you cut it. but it only fed 4 people because we all had two pieces :) hahaha

i found a picture and a tutorial for this pie, but my internet was out so i just kind of pictured the picture and winged it. hahaha sooo typical....

so here is what i did

1. buy a pie crust, 2 lbs. of strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream

pretty much, this can't go wrong because of the immense amount of sugar going on

2. depending on your pie crust instructions you might have to leave it out for awhile, so check the instructions before anything else. set your oven to 450 degrees

3. slice up your strawberries. all two pounds worth. then put them all in a bowl and pour in some powdered sugar to absorb those strawberry juices

4. lay out your pie crust and place some strawberries in the center. don't put too many, you should have plenty extra

5. fold the top of the pie crust over the strawberries all the way around

6. butter/pam your cookie sheet and place the pie on there and place it in the oven

7. again, your pie crust instructions should tell you about how long to leave it in the oven. i left mine in there for like fifteen minutes

*disclaimer: there may be some excess juices that come out of the pie. don't worry. it's ok :)*

8. take out that yummy pie and sprinkle it with powdered sugar. let it stand for a few minutes

9. cut a piece, put some of those extra strawberries on it, and put some whipped cream on it

10. EAT IT!!!

oh my gosh it is soooo good. and i did it guys! i did it! i didn't burn myself, hurt myself, and it didn't make anyone sick!

this is a serious step in the right direction. hahaha if any of you guys have easy recipes, send them my way! i need some more in my arsenal

have a great monday!

September 23, 2011

ruffles. then more ruffles.

i looooove ruffles. not as much as i love bows, but i do love them. it takes anything from okay to uber feminine in a snap. and that is why i feel in love with this top from GAP, because it has TWO ruffles. around the neck.
so so cute.

so i made this instead.
 so fierce.
i added some sleeves because...i wanted to. hahaha and i made it navy because i love navy. who doesn't?
so let's make it guys! let's cheat GAP out of thirty dollars! hahaha

* i somehow managed to delete a few photos on how to make this shirt...sorry! we will have to use our imaginations :)*

1. you will need a shirt to base this off of. fold the shirt in half and fold the sleeve underneath and cut out the outline of the shirt (remember to leave a seam allowance). also, make sure to make two pieces. don't cut the necklines the same; one should be lower than the other.

it will look something like this.

2. make a model for your sleeves off of your shirt's sleeves. this is what mine looked like. it was a little on the big side, but hey bigger is always better. remember to make two!

3. sew the sides and sleeves of the shirt pieces

4. sew the sleeves together

5. sew the sleeves onto the shirt

and it will look like this! oh my gosh, you just made a shirt. good job :) that is a big accomplishment

and here is where i deleted all of the pictures. also, sorry for all of the math!

alllrighty onto the ruffles :)
this will be like all of the ruffles we have previously made, so don't worry :)

6. measure your neckline. times it by two. add 6 inches. so my measurements were
23 (neckline) x 2 + 6 = 52 inches
it seems like a lot, but we are ruffling!
the fabric should also be 4 inches wide.

7. for the second ruffle, and another two inches. so for me
52 + 2 =54 inches
this fabric should also be 4 inches wide
8. after cutting both of those pieces, set your sewing machine to the lowest tension and stitch length. or, do it my hand by making a long, loose whipstitch. remember reverse stitch only one side because we will need to pull those strings

9. start ruffling. ruffle by pulling one string out and gently pulling excess fabric down the strip. make your first ruffle one inch longer than your neckline measurement. make your second ruffle three inches longer than your neck measurement. my measurements were 24 inches and 26 inches.

10. pin the longer ruffle about an inch and a half to two inches lower than the neckline with the unfinished edge, pin it on, and sew! fold over extra ruffle-age at the end to hide the raw edges

11. take the smaller ruffle and pin it directly into your neckline. then sew it on! 

don't worry about the raw edges, we are about to take care of them

12. cut a 1.5 inch wide piece of fabric that is your neckline measurement plus 3 inches. my neckline measurement was 23 inches, so my piece was 1.5 inches x 26 inches

13. fold over each side .5 inches and carefully pin to the neckline and sew it on!

14. you are DONE!

i started taking my pictures with a tripod because my husband photographer was busy...let's just say that i am clumsy with a tripod. hahaha

i feel like this is a party shirt. like, oh hey i am all snazzy at a party. no big deal.


now, go have a fantastic weekend and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!

September 22, 2011


the winner has been posted here

oh my goodness! you love me, you really love me!
ok that was slightly obnoxious, but i felt a need to say it. the giveaway can now commence! and it is...

this adorable bow pillow

i love it
and now you could love it too!

i am going to make one of you lucky people a pillow just like it. i do realize that not all of your color schemes are red and white though, so you have a choice between these fabrics:

green leaves


orange flowers

or red
(like on the original pillow)

all of which will have a nice, big white bow on the front!
the pillow will fit a 16 x16 inch pillow form, which isn't included in the giveaway

so to enter all you have to do is:

- be a follower of this blog
-leave a comment telling me which fabric you would prefer

and that's it!
the giveaway will be closed a week from today, Thursday September 29, 2011.

September 21, 2011

peacoat & overpriced printer paper

i don't know the origin of the peacoat. i thought the navy made it up, but i think that's a lie. 
 so i wikipedia-ed it.

The term "pea coat" originated from the Dutch or West Frisian word pijjekker, in which pij referred to the type of cloth used, a coarse kind of wilted blue cloth with a nap on one side.

sounds weird. well, i took the sides and sleeves in on the peacoat just in time for it to be FREEZING cold in santa barbara. and by freezing, i mean mid-60s. hahaha

i love peacoats...especially ones with a hood because that way when the weather man is wrong about it not raining and i am biking home from class, at least i will have dry hair :) 

speaking of class, i bought a book for one of my classes yesterday. it is actual called a 'reader', which means it is just a bunch of printer paper with whatever the professor wants to put on it. which would make you think it is cheap. apparently, my professor thinks not.

for about 100 pieces of printer paper with copies of powerpoint slides, it was

i gasped at the checkout line. 
i was dying people! seriously?! almost a hundred bucks for printer paper.
arghhhh injustice!

but then i rode my bike home and got over it. by sewing this. ahhh it felt good.

have any of you ever had to buy an insanely overpriced book for a class? because i don't want to feel alone in this!

ps- i start school tomorrow. eek!

September 20, 2011

i was featured the other day on reuse, recycle, and upcycle for this old thing

which i wore the other day and it is like a miracle cardigan. warm and toasty like a hoodie but sleek like a cardi. woohoo!

i love the ideas on this blog, and i especially love that i got featured! go check out the post and other upcycled goodies here

oh and have a fabulous tuesday :)

only two more followers until the giveaway!

September 19, 2011


quick shout out to the people who haven't locked their wifi yet, because i can have internet while mine is down. still. i know, i know, my life is tuff. hahaha


see this top? 

i liked the way it looked. i love the bow at the neck, the pattern, and immediately thought 

hey i think i could make that...

the statement that creates all of these projects. hahaha
so i made this one

want one too?
here we go!

you will need:
1 yard fabric
6 buttons

1. use an existing top to create the top. fold your fabric in half. fold the existing shirt in half, and while cutting create a kind of cap sleeve. make another piece identical to the front piece

2. take one of body pieces and cut it in half. now, you should have three pieces: a back piece, and two front pieces (see the slight cap sleeve?)
3. sew the sides and shoulders together

4. now, let's make the placket. take a strip of fabric about 5 inches wide and should be the same length as the front cut on your shirt piece. fold over .5 inches on each side like so

6. take on side that you have folded over and place it on the inside of the front cut and pin.

 then sew! it should look like this

7. get the other piece that you folded over and place it on top of the front cut, lining it up with the piece you just sewed. pin it and sewww!

8. placket done! and shirt almost done, great job :) ok, onto the buttons. if you have a button hole foot, that is awesome. i don't. so i did these by hand and it wasn't too bad actually. so, place pins where you want your buttons. space them out evenly. you will want one right at the collar and one near the bottom

i ended up needing six buttons 

 9. using your wonderful and dexterous fingers sew a little rectangle where you put your pin. i suggest making somewhat tiny stitches so the fabric doesn't run

10. using a seam ripper or scissors, cut open your rectangle and you now have a button hole! so go ahead and sew your button right behind it

11. after finishing all six button holes and button placements, i had a kit kat. so go get one. or whatever chocolate you prefer and take a BREAK. because you deserve it!

12. alright, we are almost at the finish line! cut a piece of fabric 4 inches wide and 48 inches long. i cut mine in half on accident. don't do that. hahaha

13. now, just make a tube by folding the fabric in half, pinning, and sewing. turn it right side out

14. pin this yummy little tube around your neck hole (yes, it is a word) and carefully sew it on. when you get to the edges of the neck line, decrease the seam allowance so that it flows out smoothly


i put a little piece of elastic in the back to fit my shape a little better, but that is totally optional.

you know what is awesome about this top? it has a HUGE bow on it! right under my face! 
i don't know why but that makes me really happy

and it doesn't hurt that it was freeeee. 
my favorite thing to wear with this shirt:
a cardigan

oh my lanta.

so go make it guys! i want to see what yours looks like! and please feel free to ask any questions. i looove questions.

ps- only THREE followers until the giveaway begins! i am so excited you guys!