jason + me

so now i am forcing you to get to know me because i want us to be digital friends. allllrighty.

about me:

my name is nicole. hm...what else is important...
well, i love my job. i am a moderate/severe special education teacher and i love going to work every day. i went ucsb for school, but recently moved back home to orange county. very soon, i hope to be living in a tiny home (what's that?) with my husband and pup. i love trying to be happy. for me, it doesn't come easily so i enjoy the challenge and try to surround myself with only things that make me happy.

but a little more on the husband and i...(and the pup!)

jason and i met at a church event. off the bat, we weren't very fond of each other but when we finally sat down and hung out with each other, we feel in loooooove. 

so six and a half months later, we were married in the newport beach temple and have now been married for over five years. 

jason is a photographer, graphic and web designer, and artist extraordinaire.

we currently live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, but hopefully soon in a tiny home! we both create for a living, so there is never a dull moment.

our pup max was birthday present for me on my 24th birthday last year. 

he is also my emotional support animal (what's that?). he has changed me for the better, forever.

and that is a little bit about us.