June 18, 2012

um....i graduated!!! +....the end?

so i have been missing for a month

my apologies.

i have been busy with finals, getting ready to graduate, getting ready for graduate school, and also- finally- GRADUATING

....i haven't really had much time to post, but i have one week off before i start my credential and masters program so i wanted to give you a glimpse inside my graduation day and my party!

so, as an english major i was forced to read a lot of books that i hated

and they had no resell value whatsoever

so i thought hey......i should rip them up into decorations and i did :)

this is our balcony...gotta love santa barbara!
and it was great! i also made my dress....without a pattern. it was amazing!!! and it took forever :) hahaha i didn't get too great of a shot if it but hey....i was focusing on other things. hahaha

and of course there was cute, small food

that my mama made for me, because i cannot cook

i made my cap topper my family motto, which translates to strong, fierce, and swift, along with the family emblems of the stag and a hand holding a lizard

oh and a little heart for my little brother DR 

it was the first time i had seen my sister since christmas...yay!

oh, and my little brother dennis couldn't be there physically because he is in guadalajara

so we made it look like he was there physically....

and joy was had by all

especially me

and jas :)

facebook prof pic!!!

oh and don't think i forgot.....

hopefully i will have time to post in the future, but i don't know. because i have never been to grad school and i don't know how busy i will be.

i will try though!

until then, have a great day everybody!

and keep crafting!!!