April 30, 2012

giving a gift

so i made a bow belt for dilly dally crafter, and while making it i realized

this is going to look wayyy better than my bow belt.


but she probably deserves it more...so dilly dally crafter

enjoy the belt! send a picture my way if you find the time!

and for the rest of you fabulous people, just you wait until we get to 200. it's going to be MADNESS.

now go have a mad monday.
and by mad i mean crazy awesome.


April 23, 2012

and the winner is....!!!


led to this.....

thank you all for participating!
you make me feel so loved :)

so, dilly dally crafter, send me your waist measurement here so i can get started on your bow-tastic belt!

oh and go check out her awesome nail art tutorial.....
i need to try it out some time!

and to everyone else, just wait 'til we hit 200 for the next giveaway!

now go have a great monday you fabulous people!

April 18, 2012

you're looking at...

a brand new, fresh off the line UCSB grad student!!!

woo hoo!

all those tests, all those mistakes in filling out the application.....


and how do we celebrate?

well we are headed up for a weekend in vegas. i get to see family and get my tan on....because it looks like i need it hahaha

i'll see you all later this week to announce the winner of the giveaway! don't forget to follow and leave a comment!

April 11, 2012

a vintage find

i found something.
that i like.

it came in a case. interesting, no? 
i love the polka dots and stripes and yellowing paper

i love when i find an old book with a personal message in it

and here is page 34, in case you were curious. i especially love the definition of success
"when the boss marries your daughter"

and you know why this book is better than any kindle, ipad, or tablet?

the smell of those old, amazing pages. you just can't replace it.

have you found anything interesting of late?

April 9, 2012

the 100 follower giveaway!

are you all ready for this?

this is serious guys. seriously. hahaha

just for you.....

a belt with a bow!
not just one bow either, but TWO bows!

it is made of 100% lightweight cotton with the strap measuring just under two inches wide

fits around your waist like a glove

there are three snaps on the back to make sure it fits just right

and you're all wrapped up like the present you are :)

you may be asking why this picture looks out of focus...that is because all of the focus is on my freckles. i cannot explain why. 

and there you go!

so what do you need to do to get this belt in your wardrobe?

1. follow this blog
all you have to do is click on join at the top of this screen, or join on the right sidebar. it's that easy!

2. leave me a comment below
tell me your favorite ice cream flavor

the giveaway ends on April 20, 2012 at midnight
you have two weeks!

hopefully this will start off your monday right :)

April 6, 2012

wedding dress finale

remember this wedding dress i was helping a friend refashion (here and here)? 
well, the time came and the dress was finished and not only do i have pictures of the dress in action- as promised- but i also have pictures of the original dress! ahhh! so let's look at this dress' life.... 

some time ago, this was my friend's mother-in-law's wedding dress. and can i just say i love it?! almost as much as i loooove her hair :)

so it hung in a closet for a couple of decades and one day resurfaced and was tried on by my friend.

we immediately started chopping it up

it was a little sad because it had such an awesome life but we both knew we were giving it a new life. and without a pattern, we have a bit of a challenge hahaha

but the day came, many years later, and the dress looked fantastic



love love love :)

April 4, 2012

sharpie surprise

sometimes, life gets a little ghetto.
let me explain.
i had an interview for graduate school and i found the most amazing outfit at h&m and had to match it with a pair of black heels. after some deliberation i decided theses had the best shape and whatnot

however as you can see they weren't in the best of shape

weird white scuffs along the side

i used to wear these shoes allll the time. my sister wore them to prom back in high school and she gave them to me. bliss!

dirt on the heel, as well as a huge rip

so, i figured there had to be a way to make these shoes look presentable again

white scuff on the back, wear on the wedge
 and that is where one of my most favorite crafting secrets ever.... (and it is a somewhat ghetto secret)


so i just filled in the blanks. and by blanks, i mean all those scuffs

before: scuffs on heels

after: scuffs on heels

white scuffs, brown scuffs, all gone!!!

weird white scuffs on the side, gone!

it's almost like....brand new shoes!
hahaha not quite

so, go find a pair of scuffy shoes and fill them in! 
it isn't absolutely perfect, but it makes your shoes look like they are one color instead of beat to crap
like most of my shoes are
see?! you can't even tell!
this doesn't just go for black shoes either, you could simply find a sharpie to match your shoes
and there you go!

do you have any secret crafting secrets?

April 3, 2012

i am a bad blogger

dear lovely people who follow my blog,

i sincerely apologize for not posting in three weeks

or something like that

i am not dead, i am merely lazy/was sick/on vacation/busy

i am a bad blogger :(

but that is no excuse!!!

so again, i apologize. to make up for my blatant disregard for blogging, i will be posting tomorrow. 

ya that's right. a wednesday post people. get excited.

i will finally be doing the giveaway on monday. remember, the giveaway? that thing i promised to do before i had finals, got sick, had spring break, then came back to school?

ya, that giveaway!

so get real close with your computer screen, because we are going to have a PARTY PEOPLE!!!


ps- yes, i am aware that my face looks strange. i can't help it.