September 19, 2011


quick shout out to the people who haven't locked their wifi yet, because i can have internet while mine is down. still. i know, i know, my life is tuff. hahaha


see this top? 

i liked the way it looked. i love the bow at the neck, the pattern, and immediately thought 

hey i think i could make that...

the statement that creates all of these projects. hahaha
so i made this one

want one too?
here we go!

you will need:
1 yard fabric
6 buttons

1. use an existing top to create the top. fold your fabric in half. fold the existing shirt in half, and while cutting create a kind of cap sleeve. make another piece identical to the front piece

2. take one of body pieces and cut it in half. now, you should have three pieces: a back piece, and two front pieces (see the slight cap sleeve?)
3. sew the sides and shoulders together

4. now, let's make the placket. take a strip of fabric about 5 inches wide and should be the same length as the front cut on your shirt piece. fold over .5 inches on each side like so

6. take on side that you have folded over and place it on the inside of the front cut and pin.

 then sew! it should look like this

7. get the other piece that you folded over and place it on top of the front cut, lining it up with the piece you just sewed. pin it and sewww!

8. placket done! and shirt almost done, great job :) ok, onto the buttons. if you have a button hole foot, that is awesome. i don't. so i did these by hand and it wasn't too bad actually. so, place pins where you want your buttons. space them out evenly. you will want one right at the collar and one near the bottom

i ended up needing six buttons 

 9. using your wonderful and dexterous fingers sew a little rectangle where you put your pin. i suggest making somewhat tiny stitches so the fabric doesn't run

10. using a seam ripper or scissors, cut open your rectangle and you now have a button hole! so go ahead and sew your button right behind it

11. after finishing all six button holes and button placements, i had a kit kat. so go get one. or whatever chocolate you prefer and take a BREAK. because you deserve it!

12. alright, we are almost at the finish line! cut a piece of fabric 4 inches wide and 48 inches long. i cut mine in half on accident. don't do that. hahaha

13. now, just make a tube by folding the fabric in half, pinning, and sewing. turn it right side out

14. pin this yummy little tube around your neck hole (yes, it is a word) and carefully sew it on. when you get to the edges of the neck line, decrease the seam allowance so that it flows out smoothly


i put a little piece of elastic in the back to fit my shape a little better, but that is totally optional.

you know what is awesome about this top? it has a HUGE bow on it! right under my face! 
i don't know why but that makes me really happy

and it doesn't hurt that it was freeeee. 
my favorite thing to wear with this shirt:
a cardigan

oh my lanta.

so go make it guys! i want to see what yours looks like! and please feel free to ask any questions. i looove questions.

ps- only THREE followers until the giveaway begins! i am so excited you guys!


  1. duuuuuuuuuude nicole this is so cool. Maybe I should just stop shopping at pacsun and buy clothes from you...

  2. wowwww is so beautiful!!!!perfect for autumn!!!

  3. want one too???
    OHHH YES!,I love it!

  4. This is so cute! I want one/want to make one! Thanks for sharing!

  5. way cool! i will definitely be trying this. I've been racking up a huge stash of fabric to make myself clothes with, just need to hop to it! :)

  6. I have an oversized button down that would be adorable with a bow ... oooo, and my purple cardi! Thanks!

  7. Cute cute cute! I love how you styled it too. LOVE your shoes!

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  9. I've been looking for a tutorial for a top like this....I am TOTALLY making this!!!! Yours is VERY cute :)

  10. Hi,

    This is really fabulous. It seems you have a lot of experience. I am a super beginner learning to sew completely from blogs (Noodlehead, Made). Thank you for sharing your tutorial, but I find that I'm waaaay confused, especially in the first steps. I'm sure that this is second nature to many, but us new sewers sometimes need a little more pics and instruction (arrows with the "sew here", "cut here" type of thing for us blockheads, lol). One day I will be at your level though! And then I will come back and understand this tute fully! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity! Your top is so cute! You look great.

  11. gelia, i am so sorry for being unclear. it is my major downfall. hahaha i am horrible at giving directions....yet here i am giving a tutorial! i am also a beginning sewer, so my directions are not as exact as they should be but thank you for pointing it out so i know better next time! thank you so much!

  12. love it! Very cute. I kinda did this same thing once with a long sleeved polo shirt. I made the sleeves short, and used the extra sleeve material to make a long strip for the bow. I took out the old collar, and sewed the new strip of material in it's place for a bow!

  13. Great Job. It looks so professional.

  14. just found your blog from Cotton and Curls and love this top! i so want to make one :)

  15. This is so gorgeous! I wish I could sew!



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