October 5, 2011

lining your lovelies

note- i know my hair color and length change throughout the post, it is because it took me about two months to finish this project. i know, seriously lazy but hey i get points for doing it eventually, right?

there is a trend going on right now that i hate do not like at all. i do not understand why having my shirts see-through is cool. HELLO! i do not want the entire world looking at my under roos, especially when sheer tops often cost extra!

well, i bought this top online and did not know of its sheerness until i put it on and immediate felt uncomfortable with wearing it around my parents. when that happens, it's time to refashion.
i tried wearing a shirt underneath it, but it look too weird and kind of cancelled out the light and airy effect. so i decided to line it with some white cotton. now, you are going to want to do this, so get your sheer tops out and let's get ready to party.

you will need:
sheer top
somewhat coordinating, plain fabric
sewing machine

1. lay your shirt inside out on a flat surface. fold the sleeves under as best you can

 2. using your lining fabric, cut the shape of your back piece (i chose to outline with scissors, but you can outline with a marker on paper and cut it out after you are done, whatever floats your boat. oh, and don't forget seam allowance :) 

3. repeat the previous step for lining the front and the sleeves if necessary

4. using the aforesaid seam allowance, sew your new fabric outline onto the seams of your shirt. again, tedious but worth it!

5. hem the bottom of your pieces to be slightly higher than your garment

6. after you have sewn your fabric into your shirt, you can see through her no more! she finally has substance! yes!

7. go wear this fully lined top wherever you please, because it is no longer scandalous

it is so much less awkward to wear now....i don't feel like i am letting my goodies out of the jar.
yes, that is a hip hop song reference. no big deal.

and it looks so natural...it doesn't look like, oh hey i am a piece of white cotton hanging out on the back of your shirt.
totally natural :)

so go out and do this to those invisible tops! let us reclaim the right to hide our bras people!

and have a wonderful fantastic wednesday!


  1. where is this shirt from online? i agree with the sheerness but i love the details!

  2. hi michelle! i got it from modcloth :)

  3. I used to have that exact same shirt... but I got it from Forever 21.

    P.S. I'd suggest you iron your fabrics before cutting, helps so much in a nice finished look when you're done the product (allows for a better fit), and looks tons better in photos.

  4. Thanks so much, making a top for daugt-in-law to be and she picked a fairly sheer knit, didnt look that sheer on the bolt but after getting mid way through construction I decided to add a lining to it, using a similar stretch and light organic knit.....Totally been winging it but think she will enjoy it and wear it more if she doesn't have to coordinate the layers.... thanks for your tute on this helped immensely!

  5. This is great! I have a robe that's gorgeous, but it's not lined, so it's a little scratchy and not warm enough on cold winter mornings. I'll try to use these instructions as a guideline, then post about it on my blog with a reference back to here for the original idea!
    I'm planning to line my robe with faux fur. I hope it works!

  6. Thank you so much for totally simplifying the lining process! Yay, yay, yay!
    : )
    Just discovered your blog via Cotton and Curls. Enjoyed reading your bio/beliefs/Jason posts. Nice to meet you!
    Lisa in Cleveland

  7. Genius! I agree, no sheer tops for me. I sew, but I never thought to do this. Thanks!

  8. Love this idea. Now I might be able to wear some things just hanging in my closet.

  9. So happy to have found your tutorial! I need to line a lacy Edwardian-style blouse being used as a costume on stage. (And I plan on adding these instructions to my bag of tricks for costuming - this should be just the thing to mask mic packs!)

  10. What is the seam allowance? I can't find it in the post....1 inch on both sides?

  11. Thsnk you!! Noe i can save 3 tops i have that are super cute! I wish they would stop making all this see thru crap!!!


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