March 19, 2012

the gambo

you know when you become ill out of nowhere and it is not really a cold, not really a flu, not really anything in particular and you just feel like junk all over?

in my family, we call it the gambo (pronounced gam-boo)

so, as i battle through day two of this grossness, i wanted to give you a glimpse of my support group/all i have been eating for two days

notice the lack of food....hunger come back to me! (although i do love me a nice, cold ensure......)

i am trying to get better as fast as i can so i can get back to sewing since our desks are finally done :) 

i am so excited to show you! until then.....have a great monday
i'll be laying on my couch watching legally blonde for the hundredth time

March 17, 2012

why i haven't been posting

i have been preparing for my ucsb graduate interview
and it was awesome

i don't get to talk about my passion for special education often, so when i got to talk about for an hour...i was pretty psyched

(for those of you who do not know, i am planning on becoming a special education teacher, so i am going to graduate school to get my credentials and masters)

even though it was rainy, i took it as a sign of good luck. i mean, it rained all of my wedding day, and that has turned out pretty awesome so it must be a sign. right?

so hopefully now that i have all of this big stuff done with, i can get back to sewing! hahahaha see you all on monday!

oh and p.s.


March 9, 2012

the big 100!



everyone, get excited! that means it is time for a giveaway! so check in on monday to see what it will be :)

and for your entertainment, other things associated with 100

Pinned Image

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oh yes. hahaha

this is sooo exciting!!!
so remember to check in on monday to see what the giveaway item will be!
and have a fantastic weekend!

March 7, 2012

thank you! congratulations! feel better!

i have a new craft love....


i used to spend sooo much time and money picking out and paying for cards, respectively. i like my cards to look a certain way, which usually means i paid about five bucks a card.


but i have recently come to understand this very simple craft equation

blank card + scrap fabric + fabric glue = any card i could ever want on the cheap

hello?!?! best formula ever!

and i particularly needed some thank you cards lately (when do i not need cards for something? i always need cards: exhibit a, b, and c)

jason used these cards, but i am planning on finally using the cards i make for myself. one day!

sorry fo the dark pictures, we are actually trying to figure out how to make our house more brightly lit, and less like ambient lighting

it's great when you are sleepy, but when i am trying to study and stay up late and we got the ambient lighting going on.....i die. and not in the awesome rachel zoe kind of way.

but since we are in an apartment, we can't put anything permanently on the walls so.....more floor lamps? that might be awkward

maybe we should just carry flashlights everywhere. and shine them where we need more light

oh and can i pick a favorite? these are just cards, not my future children, but i sometimes feel bad about choosing a favorite even out of my crafts. don't hate me.

oh y the way, this is my favorite. it's just....i mean.....i am addicted to bows. i can't help it. i have never liked bows until two years ago. strange? maybe.

now i just need some elegant awesome handwriting and these would look totz rad

totz. rad.

so now that we have covered overpriced cards, my home's bad lighting, and picking favorites.....
which one is your favorite? it's okay, i won't judge :)

March 5, 2012

so i entered into a contest.....and i hope i win!

it is based out of modcloth, one of my favorite places to shop EVER. obsessed would be the correct term. 

they are hosting the Got It Made Photo Contest to which i submitted my ever so popular plaidtastic top

and hey, if you already like modcloth on facebook, please head on over there or click here to vote for my top!

if not, click here, join, and check out some of their cool contests!