March 19, 2012

the gambo

you know when you become ill out of nowhere and it is not really a cold, not really a flu, not really anything in particular and you just feel like junk all over?

in my family, we call it the gambo (pronounced gam-boo)

so, as i battle through day two of this grossness, i wanted to give you a glimpse of my support group/all i have been eating for two days

notice the lack of food....hunger come back to me! (although i do love me a nice, cold ensure......)

i am trying to get better as fast as i can so i can get back to sewing since our desks are finally done :) 

i am so excited to show you! until then.....have a great monday
i'll be laying on my couch watching legally blonde for the hundredth time

1 comment:

  1. Are you still alive? The last post you made was all the things you were doing to try to get healthy.
    Don't die.


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!