April 3, 2012

i am a bad blogger

dear lovely people who follow my blog,

i sincerely apologize for not posting in three weeks

or something like that

i am not dead, i am merely lazy/was sick/on vacation/busy

i am a bad blogger :(

but that is no excuse!!!

so again, i apologize. to make up for my blatant disregard for blogging, i will be posting tomorrow. 

ya that's right. a wednesday post people. get excited.

i will finally be doing the giveaway on monday. remember, the giveaway? that thing i promised to do before i had finals, got sick, had spring break, then came back to school?

ya, that giveaway!

so get real close with your computer screen, because we are going to have a PARTY PEOPLE!!!


ps- yes, i am aware that my face looks strange. i can't help it.


  1. Hee hee you're so funny! xD I'm glad your back, and I look forward to your giveaway! :D

  2. Glad your back and feeling better!! :) can't wait for the giveaway.... and those faces are halarious!! ♥ Becky xo


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