August 16, 2011

oh, why thank you!

so, i was going through my drawer the other day in search of thank you cards and found these

unless i am thanking someone for buying my a sled.......these are pretty much useful only half of a month every year. i think it's time to beef up these cards usability. i am pretty sure that's a word.

anyway, i decided to give them a facelift since i love the silver lettering and i really need more thank you cards
so i came up with this

let's make some!

you will need
cards (preferably with a smaller design to cover up, or completely plain)
colored paper
funky 70s disco music

1. cut out all your circles and all your leaves. i cut four for each circle, and made one much smaller than the other. then, i cut two leaves

2. stack your flower pieces together using a little bit of glue in the center. stack stack stack

3. glue your leaves on first, wherever you decide is best

4. glue on the larger flower

5. glue on the smaller flower

6. go thank people for stuff! and make more and more and more :)

what is the weirdest card you have ever received?
mine: for our wedding, we were given a mozeltov, star of david themed wedding card and we are husband's nose must have thrown them off.i guess it is not that weird....just wrong religion. nbd. ps- isn't my husband hawt (spelled wrong for emphasis)?
so 'fess up: any weird cards out there?


  1. Our weirdest-- wrapped up in one of our wedding presents was a ten-year-old invitation to someone else's wedding...

  2. WEIRD! i've met your husband... he went to photography school with my best friend Jamie. he once bought us ice-cream when we visited. crazyyyyyyyyy

  3. the internet is a small place after all huh?


  4. Gotta love that Messick nose :) it's always looked good on him though ;) cute cards!!

  5. lisa- that is incredibly awkward......hahaha kirst- cyber is apparently really small!


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