August 18, 2011

the moment of truth

i have not sewn/crafted in three days.
i feel weird.
you know when you take a short trip and you pack all your current projects thinking you will get them done?
well, i did that and my projects never even left the car. hahaha i feel like these last three days were 24 hours for everyone else in the world but me- in nicole world, my days were only 8 hours. srrsly. BUT i will be posting a tutorial very soon on how to work with this stuff

it looks so scary but it is so nifty that i have to share my knowledge of its wonders with you. it lightens, brightens, and makes everything better. except the air quality because it kinda smells, but hey i'll take stinky air and cute clothes over yummy air and no clothes any day!

projects coming up:
learning to use Rit Color Remover
refashioning boring tops
fixing a droopy couch
maybe a skirt or dress?

oh and
another moment of truth:
i cannot sew/stitch/cut a straight line. 
example from this tutorial

so weird huh? i do not why, but whenever i am cutting fabric or sewing a hem, i think i am going straight and then when it is done i look at it and realize it is all wonky. eh. so goes crafting. 

so i laid it all out on the table for you know my deepest crafting flaw!
so 'fess up guys, what is your crafting moment of truth? 
(don't lie, i don't judge! i mean i can't even cut a straight line.)


  1. haha i used to hot glue stuff instead of sew it....i dont do that anymore though. haha

  2. Don't judge me, but every time I sew with a sewing machine, I break it. I broke ten (count them, ten!) sewing machines at school when we had a cloth doll project in art :( But this means I'm fantastic at hand sewing now!


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