August 22, 2011

pocket full of posies

ok, so this post does not involve a pocket, and i have no idea what posies look like. anything like this?

because that's what we are making today!

i have had this shirt for a while, and as you can see i attempted to 'fix' it by cutting off the long sleeves. it didn't really work....and i couldn't even have a before shot with it on because it is SO low cut. like scary low cut. so today, we are gonna bump up that neckline and make this ordinary knit top extraordinary!

you will need:
a top that desperately needs to be more interesting
scraps (coordinating and contrasting)
1. pin where you want your new neckline to come up to.
2. cut a random scrap that covers your needed-to-be-covered area

3. hem the top, pin it on, and sew it on! and turn your shirt right side out
4. take your scraps and fold it in half. cut. fold in half again and cut. keep folding and cutting until you have rectangles that are about 2" or look like this

5. now, roughly cut the edges, making the rectangles into circles (or ovals, whatever)
6. take a rectangle and fold it once, fold it again, and fold it one more time
7. take about 6-7 to make a flower on your shirt
(i know the photo shows four, but  quickly learned i needed six)
8. i hand sewed mine on because i have a steel foot on the sewing machine, and i stitched two circle in the inside of each flower. keep sewing, sewing sewing until your space is filled
9. go flaunt your modest hotness everywhere you go because you just made yourself the talk of the town with this bad boy (or should i say good girl?)

now, i am not one for unfinished edges but i think the raw edges add a little romanticism to this top. however, if you HATE frayed edges (like i usually do) just get some fray stop or see through nail polish and go around your edges. so easy :)

now i wanna see what you guys came up with! so link your photos below, or just tell me how awesome you are. both work. hahaha

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