August 3, 2011

creating cuffs, seamlessly

tutorial tidbit of the day: making cuffed sleeves without stitch marks. woo! i actually left tis shirt with un-hemmed sleeves for years, so i always had to wear it with a cardigan. i eventually decided it deserved to roam free. you're gonna have to do it by hand, but it looks really good. 
and off we go!

you will need:
a shirt you want to shorten/change up the sleeves
a similar colored floss (thread)

1. create a cuff on your sleeves by rolling them up twice. if you need to cut off more fabric, go ahead

2. MEASURE your sleeves. make sure they are the exact same length

3. pin it to secure the cuffs from moving while you are stitching

4. start stitching at the top of the cuff on the inside of the shirt BUT don't go all the way through the front piece of fabric. let your needle go through all the layers except the top one and guide it back inside of the shirt like so

5. continue stitching until your entire cuff is stitched. for added support, stitch up and down the sleeve's seam

6. you are now looking smokin' hot and really cool.

i am not gonna lie, this project was like three years in the making. hahaha poor shirt....have you guys ever had a project that just lingers in your mind every now and then, but it takes you years to finish? do tell!


  1. you know the pleated skirts that have been all over the internet? i've had one forever (adorable! polka dots!) that needed to be shorted a few inches (it fell at that awkward length that made my legs look like stumps). but all those pleats kept me from doing it for AGES 'cause i knew i'd have to do an invisible stitch AND iron all the pleats... it ended up taking like 15 minutes. sometimes, i am the worst ;)

  2. we sound like long lost twin souls :) i am glad you finally did it though! that does sound daunting :) hahaha

  3. I have a box of random stuff that I keep over the years, and I've been wanting to organize it for 6 years. And I did it two nights ago! I'm feeling very victorious about it, so I'm glad you posed this question so that I actually had someone to tell. Haha.


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