August 5, 2011


everyone has 'em. we never talk about 'em. and that's okay with me because i do not perspire very much, but nonetheless the extra material in the armpit area of this shirt annoyed me so much. i do not know if it is there because i have a small chest or because i have small arms....but i decided to get rid of it.

for some reason, i feel like this is a common problem that everybody has a burning desire to fix. well....lucky for all of you i challenged the extra armpit fabric and WON. here's how:

1. try it on backwards and get an estimate where to place your pins

2. place pins, making sure the opening parts align

3. sew

4. BAM! SUCKA! now it looks so much better and way less weird! yes! my personality is weird enough i do not need huge armholes to prove it.....

yes! another ill-fitting top has ben vanquished!

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