August 6, 2011

scouter blood runs thick through my veins

so, instead of working on my adorable and amazing pleated skirt ideas that i have (literally, i fall asleep and wake up thinking about them) i am instead working on a scout flag for my lovely, darling father.
here he is
isn't he fantastic? i think so.
what is so interesting about this flag is that scout flags can be bought from Scouting stores and whatnot, but my father does not want a flag that just anyone can have because he doesn't like the size of it.
sound like someone you know? (it's me)
so WHY buy something when you can potentially make it yourself, for much cheaper, and get it just the way you like it?
so, now i know where i get it from. thank you for that awesome gene, dad. you could have kept the bony knee gene though....

anyway, i will show you what the finished product looks like soon. because right now it looks like this
but less like the Electric Daisy Festival threw up on it.
 and once this is done, off to making cute skirts!

which one should i do first?

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