August 8, 2011


let me start off my saying that crew necks just aren't fun or good or anything like that. 
it looks like the fabric is trying to eat your neck......

moving on

remember this peter pan collared shirt i made for granny chic week? well, here is a reminder. i was asked to make a tutorial for peter pan collars and how convenient....i have been wanting to copy this shirt from modcloth
so today we are taking this
and making it into this

and we are off!
you will need:
a crew neck shirt
white fabric (or whatever you want)
a colorful scrap

1. cut off that crew neck! you know you want to!

it already looks ten times better...

2. measure your neck hole. yes, neck hole. mine was about 23", but remember that we do not want them to meet in the front, our bow is gonna cover the middle instead

3. bust out that white fabric. take your neck hole measurement, add a seam allowance, and BAM. now, for the width of the collar, cut up about 7.5" to 8" 

4. take that rectangle and fold it in half to make a tube. 

5. cut the tube in half like this (go with it people)

6. pin your two tubes, making sure the ends curve like this

7. sew both tubes

8. pull your tubes rights side out and marvel in all their glory.

9. putting right sides together, pin the two unfinished edges of the tube like so
*make sure to make the bottoms line up perfectly, the top isn't as important*

11. yay! you have your collar! so, take your shirt and pin the right side of the collar to the wrong side of the shirt, it should look like this.

12. sew your collar on your shirt. take some time, the neckline is curvy!

13. pull your collar right side out and BAM. you are peter pan.

14. time for the bow. i didn't have any mustard colored fabric (so bummed) so i found some pink. eh.

15. cut a 4.5" by 4.5" square and three smallish rectangles like this

16. fold the square in half and sew it like this. turn it right side out

17. fold your little rectangles and half and sew three tubes

18. pull the tubes right side out and you have made the bow's legs and the center tie

19. bust out some glue, pleat your bow, glue on the center tie

20. glue the bows legs together and put glue on the top so it can stick to your bow.

21. voila! your bow!

22. now, i do not want this bow on there forever so i put a snap on it so i can have interchangeable bows. of you do not want to do that, hand stitch your bow on with thread that matches your shirt. if you want to add a snap, stitch it in the center of your shirt's open area and sew the other piece to the bow and oh snap!!
YOU ARE DONE. and you just totally worked the system because you paid barely anything for a $40+ top. go you :) 

looking back on it, it might be easier to curve the neckline if you want the collar to  lie flatter, but that sounds a little to hard for me. hahaha if you finish the tutorial, send me a picture or link to show me your shirts! i would love to see your creativity at work :)


  1. Wonderful!! Thanks for the tutorial. What a difference a peter pan collar makes! If I get chance to try it for myself, I'll definitely send you a link

  2. You are the coolest person I know. Seriously! I'm going to make one of these.

  3. cool. i'm def. doing this! THANKS

  4. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! You were featured! Poof on over & grab a "featured" button! Get ready to show me some more wickedly awesome stuff!

  5. Super cute, and I loved reading your tutorial because you made it so fun!


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