July 19, 2011

granny chic- peter pan!

and we're off! i made an extremely claustrophobic turtleneck into this beaut. whenever i see someone in a turtleneck, i'm always suspicious of their necks....anyway, enjoy! 




i am excited that this turned out so well since i was winging it. now, go raid your granny's closet and cut something up and make it look fantabulous

or look weird like me, whatever. hahaha

you like how my pictures look so nice all the time? (i have no shame. ahahaha) anyway, my wonderful husband manages to take all of these pictures in his busy schedule. you should totz hit up his website/blog here and look at his pretty pretty pictures :)


  1. kirst, i will try! i'll need to find myself another oversized shirt...hahaha

  2. Hi I found you on C&C, I love your refashions!!!

  3. i will keep my fingers crossed ;)

    i just really LOVE this collar!


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!