July 21, 2011

granny chic- it's a freakin twofer

oh hay! so i took a day off (i know you all noticed) because i took this gorgeous floral dress and turned it into two gorgeous items of clothing. how did i get so smart....hahaha i think what is so amazing about this dress is that the fabric is really cool, but the way it was put together didn't do it justice.

i just did it justice. BAM!



now before the tears that are welling up in yours eyes escape, know that i too am teary over this creation. i mean, is this top from urban? no. did it cost way less and look just as amazing? yes.
or the better question...is it so simple to make that even if you only have one hand you could make? 
so go raid your local store and find something and make it adorably you. meeeow.


(i have always wanted to say that...)


  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I want to learn how to make that skirt! You really nailed the paper bag design!

  2. awesome refashion! i love it when i have enough fabric to make more than one thing!

  3. thank you guys! you are all awesome :)

  4. So fantastic! Makes me want to run over to Goodwill and find a treasure of my own!

  5. Oh this is a good one, two for the price of one! Love both pieces, great job!

  6. Well done, I love both of the pieces you got out of that thing!


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!