July 22, 2011

granny chic-my grandma's treasury

my grandmother was a biker. no big deal. she and my grandfather were in an orange county based biker gang (nicest people ever, seriously) and she bought this right after my grandpa bought his first harley. she wore it on many a ride on the back of my grandpa's motorcycle. recently, she gave all of her grand-daughters a piece of her biker wardrobe. i opted for this denim jackety thing because i saw and thought denim vest much? i grabbed it, kissed her on the cheek and set to refashion it into something oh so chic.

so while this piece of clothing isn't traditionally 'granny', i wanted to make it my final post something from my actual granny. and i know she will love it :) thanks grandma!



this was seriously just a bunch of cutting, seam ripping, sewing, repeating, and using a bottle of color remover. woo! i am alll about trial and error.

i hope you have enjoyed all of this week's refashions. if you have any questions about how anything was done, leave a comment! i will get back to you super fast to help out. and thanks liz from C&C for inspiring/forcing me to finally refashion all of this stuff! it was so much fun!

now go have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Get ready to show me some more wickedly awesome stuff!

  2. Hi!
    i really like ur blog, i am readn every post here :) u are such a inspiration!!!
    and u are so young!! its awesome
    i wish i could be a refashionist like u
    best regards!


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