July 25, 2011

pillow me

so, this weekend we have weddings weddings weddings! everyone is getting married! good! so while i am busy, i need your advice. i am making a ton of pillows (by a ton i mean seven) and i want to glean knowledge from your minds. here we go....

i am doing two sets of three pillows that are the same and one that is rectangular. my color pallet- as of now- is red, tan, and white. here are my inspirations....

1. bow pillow in red
(find it here)

 2. bird pillow with tan background, one with all white and two red birds and the other with all red birds and two white birds
(find it here)

 3. white pillow with red writing
(find it here)

4. kite pillow....and here is where i need your help!
(find it here)

i don't know whether to do a...
red background with a white kite
red background with tan kite
white background with red kite

tell me tell me tell me! i need your help :)


  1. Great pillows! I vote for white background with a red kite

  2. Could you do it in light blue with a red kite? You already have a red pillow, a white pillow and a tan pillow.

  3. I vote for white with red. I think the more neutral palette would be more modern.


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