July 18, 2011

granny chic- mint 'n' chip

alrighty. i found this sweater awhile ago and put it in my scrap pile. C&C inspired me to take it out of that file and try to make it work! so....i did just that. i tried to make it work. and about halfway through i just looked at it and said dang. this is so ugly. hahaha so i slapped a bow on it and called it a day. it reminds me of mint chip ice cream now....yum yum yum



it is only day one people! check back for more granny-esque refashions!

ps- i also apologize for my lack of makeup. while packing at 6 in the morning for our trip down to visit family, i forgot all of my makeup. and forgetting makeup is way worse than like forgetting your pillow, or forgetting your phone charger. i have never forgotten something so important! i am very sad about it.....

have you ever forgot to pack something that was was super important?


  1. I think it's darling. And it doesn't remind me of ice cream.

  2. oh my gosh this is sooo cute! i LOVE all of your refashions!! theyre amazing! your blog sure is growing fast!


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