July 16, 2011


oh hay! so when i started this jason mocked me because apparently the last time he saw velvet it was in the 80s. ouch. now i am determined to turn my mother's floor length, velvet skirt into a cute LBD for me. so.....velvet is making a comeback people! it just is!

just in time for the weekend, i have created a sexy lil' black dress just for you :) and to top it off, it is MODEST people! little skin and a lot of sophistication....and sexy. i was inspired by Sarah over at Welcome to the gOOd life and created that dress' evil twin. alrighty folks, off we go!

you will need....
an XL skirt
sewing machine
needle & thread
something to watch while doing this project because it is SO easy

okie dokie

1. cut the sides of the skirt to create sleeves; i do not have a picture of this part (sorry), but Sarah does! go check it out! (you kind of have to eyeball it. i measure around my arm to get some kind of a measurement, but don't forget a few inches of wiggle room)

2. cut the extra length off of your sleeves. i wanted above the elbow, so i cut off all the extra and put them aside for something special :)

3. sew up the sides of your skirt. and now it looks like this.....don't worry, your will give it life!

and will look like THIS! bam! work it girl! the waistband becomes your neckline and you can go back and sew a little more to show yo' curves. and jason said that velvet was 80s...pfff. more like totally hot right now!

but it is still a little boring.....i mean sure a skinny belt around the waist is GREAT and all but......we need a lil' spice. and even bangles cannot add spice. soooooo

that is basically the motto of my life. put a bow on it. you can never go wrong with a bow!
so you know those pieces you cut off to make your sleeves shorter?

4. make them into a rectangle. put right sides together and sew along the edges. leaving an opening at the bottom so you can turn it right side out. *keep a chunk off to the sides to make the middle strip*

5. squeeze it together in the middle and sew it together by hand.

6. take your extra scarp of fabric and create a little rectangle, right sides together. sew and leave room to fold it right side out

7. sew that onto your big bow

8. this is my obsessive bow step. you see how the one side looks like a bat and not a bow? this is easily solved by sewing those bat wings under.
that's what i call them. bat wings.

so sew them under



and BAM a perfect bow. nbd.

now to attach it.......right above your glamourous booty.

9. you can get someone to stitch it on after you place it, or put safety pins where you want it and slip it off, and hand sew it on. we want this bow to look like it's floating there.

10. you are done and you look freaking fantastic.

they say modest is hottest....i think this is the epitome of that. now go out and rock 'n' roll this dress around.

ps- i apologize for the semi-ghetto pictures. apparently velvet is an extremely difficult fabric to photograph. anddd my house is too small to find a place besides right next to the window on my desk :)

pps- i'm studying for the gre...any tips? hahaha


  1. Unfortunately I have no GRE tips. Good luck though! You look fantastic! I would never have thought a velvet skirt could become such a stunning, in style dress.

  2. love this! Came out really cute :)


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