July 15, 2011

moment of silence.

yes people, it is officially over. harry potter is no longer with us. 

i am actually really sad about this. i don't think it is that nerdy....everyone loves harry potter.
but since we went to the midnight showing, i am too exhausted to really feel anything.

random side note, i was reading my daily dosage of blogs and i realized the extra cuteness factor i am missing. 
i do not have a cute, adorable child with a classy but cool name.

so from this moment forward, i am going to talk about my pet fish to make up for the gaping cuteness hole in my blog. i now present....

thor is a little over 1 year old beta fish. he enjoys being fed and helping me with my homework. all of his brothers are dead. don't worry he never really knew them....and they weren't really related.
obviously he is not a child, but it's like parent training. start with a plant, then a fish, then a cat or dog. if you can keep them all alive, you can have a baby.
i think it is very logical.

check in tomorrow for a smokin' hot dress tutorial!


  1. I hope that's not true. I still can't keep a plant alive.

  2. i'm not gonna lie, it took a lot of plants until i could upgrade to a fish....hahaha


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