July 14, 2011

gathered together

so i love modcloth. love love love. but unfortunately, i hate spending money on clothes i think i can make. case in point this skirt

it is CUTE. it's bright, fun, perfect to add to my skirt collection.
but i refuse to spend forty bucks on a skirt that i found a tutorial for! ya! that's right! take it modcloth! i'm gonna make a skirt that kinda looks like that one and it will probably fit better! i'll make my own Tropical Daydream.....and here is what I came up with

guess what the name of this fabric is? kitschy kitchen. hahaha such a weird name.....anyway i got the tutorial from Anna from Noodlehead while she was guest blogging at crafterhours (she even tells you what you need, so i don't have to :) but remember to have extra for a sash!). since i wanted to use a patterned fabric, i left of the stencils. since Anna is a total pro, i have no need to explain the steps. just head on over there.....and we will pick up here with the sash. because having a huge bow at your waistline is the best thing ever.

the sash i made was 50 inches long and about 6 inches wide. 

1. putting the right sides together, sew a tube. 

2. using extreme patience, turn it right side out (it is pretty wide, so it should be pretty easy).

3. tuck the ends underneath and topstitch the whole dang thing until it looks like this

4. tie it around your waist and be fantastic.

such a good add to any wardrobe....i still think the name of the fabric is so weird. it's like when you hear an adult joke in a disney movie....you're like what? what storyboard creator got bored and added that one? anyone out here in cyber world ever used a fabric with a really weird name? weirder than kitschy kitchen?

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  1. I love it nicole! and the additions you made are so pretty! Great fabric too. :)


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