July 12, 2011

plaid rehab

one of my first attempts at refashioning.....my husband's glittery plaid shirt. why he bought a men's shirt with golden glittery stripes i do not know...but i am glad i have it now. it's very girly :) hahaha i'm sorry i don't have picture of it before or pictures as guides for this tutorial....but hopefully the words will be descriptive enough :) i copied  found the idea for this shirt from Liz over at  Cotton and Curls. she is amazing and i blog stalk her and she doesn't even know it. oh and comment if you have a question :)

you will probably need........
sewing machine
a smile

1. steal find a huge plaid shirt

2. cut the sides off- you can do this one of two ways. either use a shirt you like and use that as a foundation, or two (if you're lazy like me) just eyeball it. you know what size you are :) just don't forget the seam allowance like i did...

3. cut the sleeves to approximately the length you want them with a reasonable seam allowance

4. cut out the collar. now, don't cut too wide because it might create a little bit of a boatneck like mine (if you like boatnecks, awesome. cut wide)

5. cut the bottom. be careful to leave enough to roll the bottom hem up twice for a more polished look.

6. pin your sides and sleeves and SEW

7. roll the collar's hem and sewwww

8. roll the bottom's hem and sew sew sew! 
(*i opted for the rounded bottom- it is a little harder but very much worth it*)

9. YOU DID IT!!!!!!

(my subtle smile of success...)
and if you want a sash.....(which you do)

10. take the sleeves and cut them into four equally sized rectangles.

11. sew the shirt sides together, creating a realllly long rectangle.

12. sew up on side of the rectangle, creating a long tube. 

13. pull the tube right side out and by golly, you've got a matching sash that will make this shirt hug your every curve!

14. i just added a 14th step because i didn't want to end on an unlucky number.
ya, i'm still a lil' awkward with the whole posing thing...one day i'll be a model.

i apologize for the wordiness, but it's just how i communicate. my poor husband. well, i hope you enjoy this tiny tutorial and i hope you find a shirt and make it tailor fit your adorable self :)


  1. Darling! I love it. I'm jealous (of the shirt, and the talent it takes to make it--since I don't have either!)

  2. lisa, you totally have the talent. i believe! i started using my sewing machine like....three or four months ago? i confident that you could do this- and probably better than i :) check back for more refashions coming soon!

  3. could you be any cuter? love the shirt.

  4. Can't wait to try this out on one of my husbands old shirts! Looks fantastic!

  5. Hi!
    Im ur new follower!

    Wow! This is so cool! Loved it! Can't wait to try it! :) Thanx for sharing it with us! :)

    Do visit my blog too and follow it if you like!



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