August 29, 2011

dye dress, dye!

this poor dress. the original color just didn't match anything ever and it always looked so i decided to put it in a bathtub full of water and bleach :) hahaha thankfully after about ten minutes, i called my mom and she told me to take it out immediately. not soon it is like a splotchy light pink with a weird dark spot....and this is where the awesome Rit Color Remover comes in.

i always think bleach is the answer. i do not know why. anyway the color remover looks daunting i know. my mom convinced me into getting it for making my awesome denim vest and i did it- and it worked! it is only a step in the overall dying process, but perfection is a process! hahaha : ) the key is patience and quickness. it seems paradoxical, i know....anyway, do not fear the color remover! i am here to show you the way down a lighter path! (pun totally intended)

keep in mind, nothing is perfect. Rit Color Remover does NOT change the color of thread. i have no idea why....but ya. this dress is such a work in progress. we go.

you need:
something you want to lighten
Rit Color Remover
maybe some latex gloves
a big pot
some killa tunez

1. put a bunch of water in the pot

2. get your thing(s) wet

3. pour your Rit in when the water is simmering

4. test a little part where isn't very obvious. test how long you want it to be in there for. For the denim vest i did, i put it in there for one minute. for this one, i put it in there for ten minutes. yaaa

5. figure out your time and GO!

it will go from this

to this

6. rinse it out in the sink with warm water

7. set out to dry

7. you may not like the color YET, but this is just a step in the entire process. now you can change it to another, lighter color or do whatever the heck you want.

this tutorial is to be continued because i cannot decide what color i want to dye it now....yellow, green, blush pink, orange......what do you guys think?

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  1. Sup dude! I guess I should let you know I always read your stuff even though all the clothes are for the ladies.....Maybe it will come in handy one of these days...Hope all is well with you two!



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