August 30, 2011

changing oil?

this beautiful cardigan is straight from the 50's.
my grandmother wore this and saved it for my mom-her daughter- to wear. so, whilst wearing this beautiful, soft, blush pink, vintage cardigan, in the 80's my mother changed her oil.

fast forward to 2011, and my mom is cleaning out her closet and hands this cardigan to me saying that it is basically destroyed because of all the oil splotches on it. at the time, she wasn't an experienced mother with a knowledge of every stain so she washed it and dried it. she set in its impending doom

until i came along.

so i sat at my coffee table trying to strategically cover all of the major stains with scraps. and to my surprise, the shape could be made into a bow. i whipped out some scrap fabric and got to work.
and this is how it turned out

moral of the story:
never let a stain get in the way of a beautiful piece of clothing. 
i know many refashionistas are against that, but hey i am a CHEAP refashioner people. i will take stains.

there are still a few small visible stains, but it is now wearable. and i LOVE it so much that i get to wear my grandmother-who-i-have-never-met's cardigan. so exciting!

i think it is time to cut my bangs....hahaha
so, have any of you creatively covered/removed stains from clothing? because i am still working on another cardigan with an unfortunate bleach stain...


  1. just a slight clarification....I was checking my oil...not changing it....checking :)

  2. Wow this is great! I'm all for covering stains with something else. What a great memory to have of your grandma!

  3. So glad you didn't have to waste such an awesome cardigan!! Cute bow :)


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