September 1, 2011

on a side note....

while cleaning/ just moving things around to make jay think i was cleaning our closet, i happened upon a pile of upholstery-like fabric.


i asked jay where this amazing stuff came from and he used to use it for backdrops for photo shoots. being the good wife i am, i asked if i could re-appropriate these backdrops into cuter stuff. he said yes :) what a fantastic eternal companion i have!

so now i have a bunch of CUTE blue and tan plaid and a ton of floral sea foam and cream linen. dresses and skirts, here i come!

on a completely random note, see this guy?

he is my cute little brother.

he is LDS and wanted to serve a mission. so he sent in his mission papers and....
guess what?

my little Elder will be serving the next two years in...


hometown of mariachi!

so cute! and oddly enough, our birth certificates were stolen and taken to guadalajara. so , if my lil' bro runs into someone with the same name we told him to ask for our birth certificates back. hahaha but that is another story for another day....

anyway, have a wonderful day :) 
i promise i will have a tutorial up soon enough! i am in the thick of three or four know.....because who just wants one at a time? pfff. too reasonable for me.


  1. Congrats to your little brother!! I love missionaries :)

  2. yay that's exciting!! you really got your birth certificates stolen?? i want to know this story! how do you get a drivers license?


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!