September 5, 2011

top chef

so guys...
i think i am going to try cooking.

but before we continue that thought, let me tell you why. 
about a year ago, i wanted to start making dinner for jay before he got home from work, you, what all the good wives do in movies. on the menu were veggie spring rolls and fried rice. both out of bags from Trader Joes, mind you.
i started off with the rice. i brought out a saucepan and started heating it up. while pouring the rice in, i spazzed out an spilled it EVERYWHERE.  so much for being a good wife like in the movies....haha
so, naturally i wanted to clean up all of the rice off of the range. so i moved the saucepan that had been heating for about five minutes to the back burner and picked up the black cage thingy.
and now, there is the problem.
because that black cage thingy was flaming hot after being on fire for five minutes. so, i start screaming, i drop the black cage thingy, and while running my hand under cool water i called jay to let him know i had burned my entire hand making dinner and to come home really soon because it hurt.

i ruined a meal that came out of a bag. seriously?

right now, my husband does all of the cooking because i tend to burn or ruin everything (as aforementioned). and usually it always tastes funny....but have you guys ever heard of pinterest?
well, i have found some yummy recipes that i look at and say, "that looks easier than making a shirt. and i have done that" so i figured
why not?

(oh, and pinterest has engulfed my life. the reason why i have yet to type up a tutorial....sorry! go follow me instead, it will make you feel better!)

on that note, i am going to try to make these

Homemade Bread Sticks
olive garden breadsticks found here

gumdrops found here

blackberry pie found here

yes, i am so cheap i do not want to pay for store bought candy. hahaha and surprisingly, these three fit in quite well with my restricted diet....well i will have to change blackberries to blueberries but whatever! i like blueberries better anyway.

any other easy recipes i should try that you guys know of? please tell me! i only know how to make macaroni and cheese....out of a box...hahaha


  1. Hi there!
    I used to think I couldn't cook for the life of me, but then I started trying different simple recipes and realized that I was completely wrong - cooking isn't as difficult as I thought!
    My advice is to start slowly. Pick simple recipes with easy to find ingredients, and take your time. Don't rush cooking. I prep all of my ingredients beforehand (chopping, slicing, boiling pasta/rice, etc) so that I'm not running around in a frantic frenzy halfway through the recipe yelling "Ahhh! Why didn't I chop those? Now I only have 2 minutes to do so or my onions will burn!"
    My biggest problem is usually with seasoning. I tend to worry that I might add too much salt or pepper or spices, and in turn I end up not using enough! Don't be afraid to season. Taste as you go. If you mess something up, don't freak out!, there's probably an easy way to fix it.
    I'll leave you with a link to my Yummy board on Pinterest (I LOVE pinterest): ...most of the food on there is easy to make and uses wholesome ingredients. Let me know if you try anything! And definitely keep us updated on how your new adventures in cooking go :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're getting into cooking too. You'll have to share your favorite recipes. I'm a recipe addict.

    If you're also okay with not online recipes, I recommend any of the "America's Test Kitchen" cookbooks - they tend to give really good directions and tutorials and everything I've made out of the two I use has been fantastic.

    On a side note, I don't know if you are into Living Social, but you should check out their deal today if you aren't, looks like you.

  3. You can do it! If I can cook you can! Ruth


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