September 7, 2011

a little VENT-ilation

ok, i have a post/ tutorial ready to be posted for tomorrow...but i have to vent people! and i couldn't wait until tomorrow. 

so, i have been perusing pinterest TONS and i was shocked and disturbed to see how many women hate on their bodies. this image especially fueled my fire

(no offense to the creator of the image)

at first, i was mad, and then, i got sad. i hope that none of you put down a cookie feeling guilty that you will be acceptable. i know someone out there is thinking 'well, you are skinny so you wouldn't understand.' and maybe that is true, but i cannot honestly say that i have ever looked at someone's body type and judged them off of it. and if someone is willing to do that, you probably don't want them to be your friend. 

i have my moment where i look in the mirror and say wow, i look gross. but then i take a step back and realize i am seriously amazing. it is good to be healthy, it is good to be interested in your body's well-being, but never EVER judge yourself for life's small pleasures. and if anyone ever judges for it, direct them my way :) hahaha

if you look like the girl in that picture and that is normal for you, that is great. wonderful. but if you don't have defined muscles (honestly, who does?), if you have junk in your trunk and in the front, if you have had children and they left a mark, that is so beautiful. that is amazing. and i am sure everyone around loves you for it too.
i love you for it and i don't really even know you!

i guess all i am trying to say is
don't regret eating the cookie
regret forcing yourself to be something everyone else is telling you to be


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!