September 8, 2011

hoodie to cardi

as promised, here is a tutorial: how to make a hoodie into a cardigan. and not just any hoodie into a cardigan: a furry, smelly hoodie into a gorgeous and adorable cardigan.

so i go this hoodie in high school, right when it was REALLY cool to wear a hoodie with a fur hood. my friends all had one, and we were all furry hooded people.

but now i look really silly wearing it. so silly i didn't even want to put it on. i debated between just giving it away or keeping it to may be one day wear under a peacoat on a rainy day....
and then i decided to make a cardigan.
because the material is so soft and i love the bright mustard color. 
so i made it into this instead

much better right? well whip out your hoodie and let's get started!
(sorry for the lack of picture, i didn't know if this project was going to work or not)

1. cut off the hood. try not to loose too much fabric off of the body of your piece though. and don't throw it out just yet!

2. cut off the zipper, again staying as close to the zipper and far away from the fabric as possible

3. cut a v-shape from your front seam (where you just took the zipper out, from about the middle all the way to the neckline

4. roll over the unfinished front and neck seam twice, pin, and sew! (giving you a nice polished look)

5. take in the sides and sleeves so you don't have a baggy cardigan

6. remember that hood you cut off? well, fold it in half and cut a piece that is half you waist measurement and 2 inches high. you should now have a piece that is your waist measurement by 2 inches

7. cut about an 8 inch piece and a 1 inch wide scrap and make your bow

8. attach your bow by folding the ends of the belt piece together and hand stitching the bow on one side

9. fold the ends of the other side of the belt together and get a small hook or snap. attach one side to the bow and the other to the belt.

voila! a masterpiece! 
not gonna lie, i feel pretty triumphant.

now go pull out that hoodie that just hangs in your closet because you know you will never wear it and go to town on it! and have a wonderful, fantastic thursday!


  1. Just lovely, such a great colour. Love what you've done with the belt addition

  2. I can't wait to try this!. Between my three girls, I bet I can come up with enough hoodies for a different cardigan for each day of the long as they don't see me sneeking off with them. lol

  3. It's really cute- you should be proud :D

  4. This turned out so well! I love the color too. Makes me want to peruse my closet for something to "modify" -great job! (Popped over from Craft Gossip.)

  5. P.S.... If you add a "subscribe" option, I will!
    Follow is harder for me to keep up. :)

  6. Shelly, thank you so much! I am going to figure out how to do this subscribe thing you are talking about.....if you have any tips on how to do it, let me know! I can sew but I can't figure computers...hahaha

  7. Such a cute cardigan! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thank you!

  8. Love this!!! it looks amazing!! You've completely inspired me!

  9. So cute! Blogged it, with a few tweaks as I'm still a bit larger than normal postpartum :)

  10. did you attach the belt to the cardi?


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