September 11, 2011

never too early for halloween!

so i am a big fan of halloween. why? maybe because it is my mother's birthday, and my younger brother's birthday is two days before halloween (yes, he went trick or treating at two days old- my mother is a very determined lady). so, my family celebrates this holiday extra. in fact, i think my mom has just as much halloween decorations as she does christmas decorations...interesting.
in my spare spare time i have another interest- sewing softies. but instead of calling them softies, i call them nomsters and they are AWESOME. the first edition sold out, so i made some more in the them of halloween! 

ohhh my gosh i love them so much!  because as much as  i love halloween i do not like creepy halloween, i like cute halloween :) 
and guess what?
you can actually own these guys.
head on over to my etsy shop and buy one, two, or as many as you want of these little guys! there are cats, frankensteins, pumpkins, bats, and more! and if there is something special you want, just email me here and i will get right on it. 

 these guys would be so cute at the ends of a halloween bunting, decorations for a party, or fun halloween toys for your little ones (or for you- i don't judge). oh, and they are entirely sewn by hand and made soft fabric. always a plus.

keep in mind that every single one is individual and different, so no one in the entire world will have the same one as you. i don't know why but i take comfort in that. 
anyway, head on over to the shop and start getting prepared for halloween! i don't know if i will be waiting out september to start decorating...

oh and PS
have a great monday :)

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