September 14, 2011

miss bossypants

my sister loaned me this pants. and by loan, i mean she moved out, left them in my parent's closet and my mom said i could have them. so i am gonna go with loan. BUT these pants do not fit me! bah! i have no curve i am a straight line! so, even though pants are different than shirts, we can treat them the same!
don't mind the boat shoes...


1. pin and sew in your sides. don't make them too tight tough, you got to be able to move.

2. if you need to (i needed to) sew small darts in the waistband

3. ok, to get the crotch and butt (that sounds so crass, sorry) to get tighter fold the pants inside out and fold in half. looking at your butt seam (hahaha sorry the word butt is still funny to me), pin a little from the top of the seam to the center. sew.

4. with pants still inside out, from the center crotch seam, pin out a little and down to the knees. this will take the extra fabric out from between your legs and make the pants look less baggy.

5. you look so so cute :)

 i used heat and bond to hem them up, and they look so classy :)

jamie, if you are reading this, i can totally take the stitches out if you want these pants back...hahaha 

they fit so much better now....

are any of you guys infamous for taking siblings/family members clothing?

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