September 15, 2011


Cute Mouse

nope not that kind. although, my house once had mice and instead of buying straight up poison, my mom bought those sticky strips.
those don't work though because mice will run with those things stuck to their legs. i have seen it. it is true.
disclaimer: they were like pet mice that had babies and then they all escaped, my family isn't like homeless or something.

allllrighty onto the better mouse :) so, i got this mousepad for jason for valentine's day i think...and i thought it was really cute. until it got stained/ruined/torn apart. jason uses the mouse a lot.

so, i wanted to make him a new one because he just got a job (yay! so excited!), and although i have found some tutorials on how to do it, i didn't like the whole frayed edges, or using fray check to make no frayed edges. i want HEMMED edges. yes, i am that much of a perfectionist. so let's make it ya?

1. rip off the covering and cut your mouse if you need to. if you don't, nevermind

to this

2. cut out a piece of fabric with and extra inch on each side for the hem

3. pin and sew your 4 edges. you sort of have to be precise so it will fit the mousepad perfectly

4. pull up a word document and write out a phrase, saying, or quote in your desired font. i used century gothic

5. print out or sketch the words onto paper

6. pin the paper over the desired area of stitching, and make sure your pin have it folded down nice and tight

7. start hand stitching your letters over the printed ink. it is easier than it seems :)

8. pick all of the paper off. some of the pieces were a little stubborn so i had to use a pin, but it worked out

9. pull out the spray adhesive and go to TOWN. spray spray spray and place the fabric over the foam

10. BAM. a surprise for your honey. or for you. or....for whoever. hahaha

i love the simplicity along with a pop of color. loooove.

i also kiiiinda did this mouse for myself, to add a little sprucing up to the decor around our house. i want to personalize and unify everything in here without spending any money and without painting....which is difficult. hahaha
any of you sprucing up around the house? do tell!


  1. Hy, I went thru your blog and I think its really great, u have wonderful ideas :)) Ithink you should put up a gadget on your blog so people can follow what u post.
    Keep up your good work. :)))

  2. thanks for the idea cura! i will definitely get on it :)


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