August 25, 2011


good news:
the gre is over.
yes! unfortunately, i am still in hyperdrive study mode which means i eat a meal around 10:30 or 11 to stay awake until about 1 to study...but i have no more studying so now i am sewing like crazy to finish some pillows before the weekend. oh yes, there will be tutorials.....
until then, i hope this refashion satiates your crafting needs :)

i am guilty of owning a certain amount of completely plain knit shirts. shirts that are so bland they need to be paired with a live snake to make the outfit interesting.
so instead of investing in a yellow python, i decided to create a cuter (and higher) neckline. bam.
so we are making this

into this
i am allll about the dramatically different and completely hideous before picture and the amazing after picture

you will need:
a boring top
some scraps
some oldies man!

1. measure your neckline

2. get your scraps out

3. create a tube that is 4" by double your neckline measurement plus 2"

4. make your pleats

5. sew a line higher up on your pleat, then pin and sew a lower line onto your shirt

6. make any necessary adjustments

7. BAM! sup sexy

i was honestly so lazy i didn't want to walk outside to take i hope you enjoy this small glimpse of my work area :)
any awesome weekend plans out there? my husband's grandparents are visiting (hence the need for pillows) that! hahaha just kidding :)

but seriously. tell me. hahaha

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