September 21, 2011

peacoat & overpriced printer paper

i don't know the origin of the peacoat. i thought the navy made it up, but i think that's a lie. 
 so i wikipedia-ed it.

The term "pea coat" originated from the Dutch or West Frisian word pijjekker, in which pij referred to the type of cloth used, a coarse kind of wilted blue cloth with a nap on one side.

sounds weird. well, i took the sides and sleeves in on the peacoat just in time for it to be FREEZING cold in santa barbara. and by freezing, i mean mid-60s. hahaha

i love peacoats...especially ones with a hood because that way when the weather man is wrong about it not raining and i am biking home from class, at least i will have dry hair :) 

speaking of class, i bought a book for one of my classes yesterday. it is actual called a 'reader', which means it is just a bunch of printer paper with whatever the professor wants to put on it. which would make you think it is cheap. apparently, my professor thinks not.

for about 100 pieces of printer paper with copies of powerpoint slides, it was

i gasped at the checkout line. 
i was dying people! seriously?! almost a hundred bucks for printer paper.
arghhhh injustice!

but then i rode my bike home and got over it. by sewing this. ahhh it felt good.

have any of you ever had to buy an insanely overpriced book for a class? because i don't want to feel alone in this!

ps- i start school tomorrow. eek!


  1. I had to by a freshman chemistry book for $135. And I don't even like chemistry that much. Now that I've been in school for so long, I buy textbooks from my textbook wish list. Isn't that sick?

  2. $135?!?! oh my goodness! that is ridiculous! i bet it wasn't even that great of a book....and yes, wanting to pay for textbooks is weird. but then again, you are a genius so other books might not be as fun for you. hahaha

  3. Algebra textbook. $295. Never opened it once the whole semester, because all our homework was online and we never used it in class.

    This year I got textbooks for all of my classes, and a lab coat and glasses for my chem lab, for $225. Not too painful.

    School starts on Monday for me. Hope you left time for sewing between classes!


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