November 14, 2011

the invisa-snap! in action

so remember the tutorial on the invisa-snap on friday? well in case you missed it, here is a refresher. 

i wanted to show you guys what it looks like in action

oh and i did it to another's just so easy!

i work in a classroom, and the last thing i need is to keep fiddling with the neckline of my shirt so that nothing shows
which would be dastardly

speaking of dastardly....remember the CSET tests i have been taking? my last one is this saturday! woohoo!
and while it is supposed to be on the seemingly easiest subject (performing arts, physical education, and something else....) i am still starting to crave my common enemy. hahaha oh and just to let you know, according to California State Standards,

"Handicrafts are intended to be used as a regular part of life, and are not generally considered to be arts and crafts, which is viewed more as a hobby."
(from barron's CSET test prep book)

um.....guess what barron's and California Teaching Standards?

my arts and crafts are a way of LIFE
haters gonna hate

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