October 12, 2011

wanna be

so i am trying to get into grad school
and it is harder than i thought it would be

as many of you remember, i had to take the GRE back in august

now, i am taking the CSET multiple subject tests, and my first one is this saturday

naturally, i am terrified. not just because it is going to be hard but because i only have one chance....there is no time to make it up! i have actually heard it isn't too bad, but i am so irrational that i will probably say that abraham lincoln served two full terms as president
ok maybe not that bad

so that is why there is gonna be some white noise here until monday
 and i apologize. but i will be sitting in a corner while eating this

and going over my bajillion flash cards, being a wanna be grad student

wish me luck guys!

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