November 11, 2011

the invisa-snap!

(this is my version of an infomercial. it's a tutorial, like i promised!)
ever have a shirt that just gaps too low?
ever bend over and your top just opens up too much?
ever just keep a safety pin on the shirt because every time you wear you have to safety pin it close?

well now there is an invisa-snap to solve all of your problems!

so, get out your button up shirts that are cut too low and let's get invisa-snap all over them!

you will need: scissors, a snap, a needle, and thread

 1. place a pin a few inches above the top button making sure that the two placket pieces line up

 2. right above the pin, place a small snap and sew it on by hand

next, place the other side of the snap in the center of the placket but make sure the stitches don't go through the entire placket, only one layer of fabric. this way, the snap is invisible on the outside of the shirt. now, you will have something that looks like this

 and the outside should look something like this

yay! look at that covered up chest! woo!
now, you have about three or four inches extra inches covered on your chest, and you don't have to worry about anything popping out or showing....
which is always comforting :)

now, go have a great weekend! 
and don't forget to think of and thank the many veteran soldiers out there who have fought for our many, many freedoms!

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