November 9, 2011

i promise....

my dear followers,
i promise you a tutorial this friday. 
i promise that i did actually sew today, but it was all mending. blah. a button here, a snap there, sew up a hole over there (four shirts and a cardigan. go me!)
i promise that if you mend your one shirt with a hole that no one can really see but you know is there, you will feel much better :)
i promise that i will no longer use more than one safety pin per garment of clothing (story to follow)
i promise that you are amazing!

i also promised my husband i would go to the gym with him tonight....hmm...don't know if i'm going to keep that promise...hahaha

oh and
here is that story to follow:

one of the shirts i mended was missing a button and gaps at the chest. i wore it last week and i just put a safety pin over where the button would go (ghetto fabulous, people) and over the chest gap area. the missing button was the one on my stomach. 

so later that day, while eating lunch and sitting sidewise in a chair so my feet were hanging over the side, i got a huge jab in the stomach. and in my chest.

i was like....AHHHH! WHAT IS THAT!!! was the safety pins!

 they had both come undone from my squirming around.
it was even more awkward to try and unstab myself and put the safety pins back to normal while in class.

oh don't mind me, i'm just sticking both of my hands inside of my shirt....

so i kind of HAD to mend my things. despite its slight dullness.

now, go have a wonderful evening, and don't stab yourself :)

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