November 7, 2011

to do, to do, to do

i find that my to do list is growing exponentially lately.
after 'to do-ing' all of my classes, i still have graduate school to do's, wife to-do's, holiday to-do's, family to-do's, church to-do' people weren't joking when they said don't grow up too fast :) hahaha

alas, there is a special to do list of crafting that at least looks the prettiest. and since i am a lover of pinterest (follow me!) i wanted to share some of my OH-MY-GOSH-I-TOTALLY-NEED-TO-DO-THIS crafts on my to do list. some of them are easier than others....hahaha

and off we go!
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for me, of course. i totally fit into children's sizes. i kid, i kid!

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never been a fan of neon (unless it is in spandex form), but i want a lace faux collar in white. it just seems like such a good idea. and easy. once i get around to it...

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uh ya...i want to make a huge bean bag for my living room. talk about adult. hahaha

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it has bows. it's my weakness.

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could i pull this off? i will find out after i make it. 

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ya i know....i said some are easier than others, this is obviously the hardest. hahaha but i will get it done eventually.

and these are my craft highlights for my to do list! you can find all of the links here (along with other crafts), and you can follow me.dooo it. then i will follow you. then we will create a loop of creativity and awesomeness!

have any of you found crafts on pinterest that you can't wait to do? share the link, i want to see! i always feel like i am missing some of the good ones posted in the middle of the day...
share share share!
please :)

and have a magnificent monday!


  1. I've recently gotten into reviving old clothes and find your blog inspiring. I'm addicted to Pinterest.. so I'm now following you : ) here's mine: I'm CONSTANTLY making stuff.. check out my DIY-Made it board : )


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