November 4, 2011

L to S

hey, guess what? i was featured over at Sew Mama Sew yesterday! go check it out!

have you ever gone into a huge sale, found something you loved, only to find that it is like two sizes too big?

that happens to me all the time. and the argument in my head goes like this:

well, it is not my size. put it back.
but it's so cheap!
ya but it will never fit. do you plan on growing curves over night?
no! but i can make it work is SO cheap!

at about this point this the cheapness factor overrides all common sense.

so, at the recent modcloth last hurrah sale, i saw a tulle top that was sooo cute. and classy. it reminded me of greece.

it only came in a large
and this picture looks awkward because it looked so weird that i felt weird

i'll just skip to the moral of this story:
size doesn't matter!

if you are a size small, medium, large, extra-large, whatever, go ahead and find that sale top in a size or two too big. do it. it seems like a bad idea, but i'm about to make it into a good idea.

so here was my top

ill-fitting, i know. the elastic waist is too big, and the shoulders are erring on too big. these are like....ten minute fixes. and i will take a ten minute fix any day over a full priced item

and it is so worth it! see?

so let's get to it!

1. take in your sides as much as you need to. it's already looking better!

2. (optional) unpick your sleeves from the main garment. turn the shirt inside out and pin the sleeve where you want it to hit on your shoulder ( i don't have a picture because i decided against doing it because the top is silk. and sewing silk = scary)

3. (optional) make small darts in the neckline, in a place that isn't s conspicuous, to tighten the neckline a bit

4. you just cheated the system my friend. you got a top at sale price AND it fits your perfectly. i am so glad i figured this out...


yes i twirl my hair. that's normal, right?

so watch out sale racks! here i come! oh, and you! you are coming too!

now, go have a wonderful weekend folks :)

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  1. I wish I had seen this yesterday before going shopping. I passed up a few cute tops! Now I know! Great tute!


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