November 2, 2011

step away from the clothes...

...and let's take a look outside of crafting for a bit.
my aunt recently started a blog about her adventures with her adult autistic son austin on her blog My Flappy Life
in a word, it is amazing 
(all biases aside)
leanne's son, austin
i am a mental health advocate (or just have really strong opinions and a big mouth) and i recommend you take a second to check it out, i'm sure you will be surprised and amazed
many of you may have an autistic family member, relative, or friend and i feel like leanne offers an honest and refreshing opinion about autism and living with it

so, let's step back from our refashioning and projects to take some time to understand others in their differences to learn more about the world around us

because it's all about loving each other right?
right :)

so go and check her out, it's amazing!


  1. Thanks Nicole! Your are amazing. Love you tons!

  2. Awesome. Having an uncle, brother & son on the spectrum I also have a strong opinions and a big mouth :) Thanks for directing me over to her site.


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!