November 16, 2011

righty tighty, lefty loosey

i was sewing (or really re-sewing) these pants the other night. i no longer liked the flared bottoms, so i wanted a straight fit pant. but more on that later...

in typical nicole-is-sewing fashion, i was sewing at around 11:00 o'clock at night, then seam ripping at 11:10, and so it continued until 11:30 when i was sewing up a storm and somehow didn't realize that my needle was bent

well, it was brought to my attention moments later when i heard crunching metal and a sudden halt in the sewing flow

i had bent my needle in half.
it was tragic.

of course, i abandoned my projects in frustration and went to bed. i woke up the next morning, went to school, came home, and pulled out the mini screwdriver that came with my sewing machine.
this must work! right?! 

i sat there for maybe ten minutes trying to loosen the screw that held my needle in. then i left my machine in hopes that doing my homework would increase my luck in fixing it


i came back a few hours later and tried again. i failed. again. i started complaining loudly and almost slammed my head straight on to the sewing machine just because.

then, the heavens opened and my dear husband came over, kissed my forehead, took the screwdriver and screwed the screw out in a matter of milliseconds. and then he went back to work

of course i claimed that i had loosened it for him, but i found out that i had done just the opposite. i had actually made it harder for him (and WAY harder for myself) because

i was turning the screw righty tighty

not left loosey

and so the universe mocks of these days i really need to learn my left and right. hahaha

anyone else out there having problems with the whole left and right thing still? 


  1. like when I am locking or unlocking a door for the first time. I'm never quite sure which way it's supposed to be - right lock, left unlock?

  2. It's okay... whenever I give my boyfriend directions when we're driving he asks me "right or left?" and I can't answer. I have to wave my hand it the right direction and say "that way, that way!" because my brain doesn't know which way is which...

  3. All the time. Especially when giving directions in a fast-moving vehicle.

  4. i am so, so happy that i am not the only person like this. hahaha :)

  5. All the time! I sometimes still secretly make the L with my left hand just to double check.


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