November 21, 2011

fitted to a tee

i got this

and sewed it down to this

which is a weird kind of baggy around my ribs

so i decided to make it fitted with a tie

let's do it to it.

1. take in the sides. i always sew a straight line  up and down, hence the little bit extra on the side
2. with the extra side fabric, cut two long strips

3. pin the sides of the strips. make sure to leave one end open to turn them right side out 

4.turn your strips inside and you now have tubes! yay!

5.put your shirt on right side out and place a pin where you would like the fit to be tighter/taken in

6. take the shirt off, and place your tube against the pinned part of the shirt. make sure their widths match. then, unpick the seam between the two pins 
*also make sure that the pins on each side of your shirt are equal to each other*

 7. take your strip and place it inside your shirt. pull the un-sewn end of the tube through the new hole. adjust your pins of you need to

8. pull your tube out to line up with your shirts seam allowance and place a pin on the original seam and sew it up!
9. turn the shirt inside out and BAM!

now your shirt fits you to a tee :)

you could easily do this on a shirt that is much too big, or on a shirt that is only a little too big
i like it because i can tighten it to make it realllly fit, or loosen it when i don't want it to be so tight

i also think it adds a little character to the shirt

now get some loose shirts and fit 'em up! let's all show off our curves! or in my case, a lack thereof...

have a great monday!

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