November 23, 2011

my thanksgiving is too busy

because i know this computer will shut all of tomorrow, i wanted to let all of you what i am thankful for.
so here is my short and sweet list

1. eyelashes
think about it. they make us look awesome. 

2. my house
( i don't live on a bench, but this is my backyard)
yes, it looks like it burned down. yes, it has salmon countertops straight out of the 1950s. but i love it. all 400 square feet of it. and i don't mind living less than half a mile from that coastline :)

3. food
here's a secret: i actually don't like eating. i don't like food either. most of the time it makes me feel sick, so i am glad we can afford to buy food that is healthy and nicole-friendly so i don't lose so much weight that i have to go to the hospital or anything.

4. my family
everyone is weird. this is true. but my family holds a special awkward weird that is all their own and i love it! whenever i think back to childhoods memories or memories growing, it was always with my family. always. we were (and still are! kinda!) inseparable. if i told them today that i wanted to go to clown school t become a carpenter they would say, "right on, go ahead." yea, they are that cool.

5. my Jason 

nothing else on this list is in order, but this is definitely the most important one. I could be homeless, hungry, have no eyelashes, with my family gone and still be so, so grateful for my husband. he is my best friend ever. i couldn't go a day without him, and luckily i haven't had to in two years :)

side note: would you like hear an embarrassing/awesome thanksgiving story about teenager nicole?
yes, yes you would.

as a teenager, i was deeply offended that we had killed all the Indians after they had helped so much (I still am). But immature nicole was all like, i am going to go to my boyfriend's thanksgiving dressed kind of like an Indian and only bring up things about how we killed them.
and i did.
i wore my moccasins made out of elk that my dad handcrafted for me, and i wore the headband my sister had crochet for me. and i rocked it. 
i am pretty sure my old boyfriend's family was like who the heck is this girl and why is she so...dark?
but hey, we all have our moments right.....

so there is a thanksgiving story and my little list. very little. but hey, i wanted to leave space for all of you!
what are you most thankful for this thanksgiving season?


you are just the cherry on top of my sundae!