November 30, 2011

radio silence

i apologize for the radio silence going on here. 
i used to think that when people said they were busy it meant that they were just doing something a little bit more important than talking/hanging out with me. and this has been my mindset since, oh, october.

i go to a UC, so we run on quarters which means ten week classes. 

i am in week ten. 
week ten is crazy. 

then next week is finals week. and i have my last graduate school test. 

so basically up until next wednesday, i will be crying in my mind while biking all over campus and coming home when its dark.


i will try my very hardest to post something up here soon. but in the meantime, you should...

1- decorate for the holidays. no matter what the holiday, it's nice to feel some extra cheer
2- smile at people
3- be kind to yourself. you're really very important.

and most importantly, have a great day :)

and don't forget
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