December 2, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like

christmas! lalalala

i love christmas. and i could say who doesn't, but there was a time a few years back when christmas came and went and i felt nothing. it was horrible. i remember asking my mother what the point of christmas was. being completely self-obsessed at the time, i don't even remember her answer. 
ah, teenagers....

anyway, since that christmas i have been in full swing. i love that random people feel like they can be kinder and give more. love love love

speaking of love, i LOVE this idea i found on pinterest

Pinned Image

i mean seriously, why not give the elves donuts? they work hard too! not to mention i am obsessed with miniature items...

which brings me to my third point. miniature people aka children. tomorrow is my last day as a pre-professional at my local elementary school. i had a conversation with a student to day that went a little something like this:

student: you were in my class yesterday
me: yes i was
student: are you going to come back to my class
me: well, this is my last week here so i don't know
student: so are you coming back?
me: i don't know if i can
student: so when are you coming to my class again?

the student just didn't understand why i would leave before school was over. it just didn't register. and it doesn't register with me either! i have only been in the class for ten weeks and i can't imagine not going back. after 76 hours, i am definitely going to miss those kids.

but you know what you can do to help me?

go make some kid smile or laugh. 
it's psychologically proven to help them be more successful in life.

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