September 26, 2011

...professional chef much?

okay you guys, i did it.

i ventured into the culinary world. it definitely tastes better than sewing, but there are many more risks involved. like burning your entire hand.

but guess what? 

it wasn't that bad.

i made a delicious little strawberry pie. it was seriously really simple. and this is coming from someone who can only make pre-packaged everything.

oh, and this pie makes about 6-8 pieces depending on how you cut it. but it only fed 4 people because we all had two pieces :) hahaha

i found a picture and a tutorial for this pie, but my internet was out so i just kind of pictured the picture and winged it. hahaha sooo typical....

so here is what i did

1. buy a pie crust, 2 lbs. of strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream

pretty much, this can't go wrong because of the immense amount of sugar going on

2. depending on your pie crust instructions you might have to leave it out for awhile, so check the instructions before anything else. set your oven to 450 degrees

3. slice up your strawberries. all two pounds worth. then put them all in a bowl and pour in some powdered sugar to absorb those strawberry juices

4. lay out your pie crust and place some strawberries in the center. don't put too many, you should have plenty extra

5. fold the top of the pie crust over the strawberries all the way around

6. butter/pam your cookie sheet and place the pie on there and place it in the oven

7. again, your pie crust instructions should tell you about how long to leave it in the oven. i left mine in there for like fifteen minutes

*disclaimer: there may be some excess juices that come out of the pie. don't worry. it's ok :)*

8. take out that yummy pie and sprinkle it with powdered sugar. let it stand for a few minutes

9. cut a piece, put some of those extra strawberries on it, and put some whipped cream on it

10. EAT IT!!!

oh my gosh it is soooo good. and i did it guys! i did it! i didn't burn myself, hurt myself, and it didn't make anyone sick!

this is a serious step in the right direction. hahaha if any of you guys have easy recipes, send them my way! i need some more in my arsenal

have a great monday!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe, yes it is s recipe indeed!! The kind I like because it is simple and it looks so yummy too!


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