September 27, 2011

don't forget!

the giveaway ends this thursday!

and i know you all want this fact i think i might just enter my own giveaway...just kidding :)

as most/none of you know, i started school last week. and i am at a bike school, where almost every single student rides a bike which doesn't necessarily mean they know how to ride a bike. they just have one.


i am still working out my bike path routes in a major effort to stay away from the busiest bike paths at the busiest times. i sometimes bike way longer just so i don't have to go to a certain part of the bike path that is a death hill. 

now why do i go to all of this extra effort (especially since i am wearing pants and it is really hot)? 

i am accident prone on my bike.

people say that a lot, like "oh ya, i run into stuff" or "sometimes i bump into people" but i full on crash and burn, lose items of clothing, and bleed. i am still trying to understand why.

my most recent accident entailed me getting smeared across a bike path because some dude was just like sitting on his bike in the middle of the bike path. he looked at me, started moving a little, and then pulled out his cell phone.

while still in the bike path. 

so i hit his back tire (because he didn't move! he had ample time!) and 
i flew
like a bird
except this bird lost a shoe and all of the papers and notebooks in her basket

i quickly got up because more bikes were coming my way and realized my shoe was gone. it was in a bush across the bike path. i grabbed it and my papers at which the point the kid looked at me and said, "oh i'm so sorry, i didn't realize you were so close." because apparently i looked far enough away to make a phone call.

saving some serious face, i was like oh no big deal, and with my hands bleeding and both fenders completely bent and my basket hanging on by one screw, i biked away without any dignity whatsoever.

so. embarrassing.

and that is why i  will bike longer and farther to prevent that from happening again because it hurt man.

just thought i would share that with you :) now, go have an accident-free day!

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  1. Ouch....

    I've only had one accident on my bike, but I've only known how to ride one for about a month. I totally understand your route-planning though. There are some areas where I just get off my bike and walk it a few blocks because I am not going to try to climb that hill with all those kamikaze car-door-openers.

    My husband gets annoyed because I use my bike bell so much but since the options are annoying him or crashing into someone/getting run over, I don't mind being annoying.

    Baskets don't make steering or balancing the bike any easier either.

    I have two suggestions:

    Wear lace-up shoes
    Strap down your papers

    Best of luck!


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